My 9 Steps To Massive Muscles

It’s simple to gain muscle; all you need to do is understand how to achieve it and use that information. For further information, see the website.

It’s simple to gain muscle; all you need to do is understand how to achieve it and use that information. It is crucial to approach muscle-building with the correct understanding because there are so many things you can go wrong. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time and energy with little to no returns for your time, money, and effort. Becoming fit is simple, but putting on pounds of muscle requires the right information before it can be done.

My 9 stages to Huge Muscles are as follows:



Always seek your doctor’s approval before beginning or altering a workout regimen and before ingesting nutritional supplements.

Step 1:  Get rid of your old routine and be open to new training concepts and methods. Take two weeks off to unwind and take it easy.

Step 2: Slow down your rep speed in the weight room, raising the weight for 2 seconds and lowering it for 4 seconds while exerting considerably more effort and focus. Try to make little advancements at least once per week, or every few days.

Step 3: Take down all of the information in a notebook, including the sets, reps, weight utilized, your body weight, your objectives, meals, supplements, and diet.

Step 4: Additions: Whey protein should be had 45 minutes before and after exercising while taking creatine virtually immediately before and after.
Taking casein before bed
One daily multivitamin with a meal
Vitamin C twice daily with meals in the morning and evening
1 vitamin E daily
One EFA per day

Step 5: Strive to eat four times every day, excluding protein shakes. Whenever you eat chicken, beef, or fish, eat lots of vegetables. Fruit should only be consumed in the morning.

Step 6: Drink lots and plenty of water. Food is more satisfying, but it’s far more significant than food. Consume at least 2 liters of water each day. If the gym doesn’t have a fresh, clean supply, bring a litre with you. Water in abundance is required.

Step 7:  It’s time to make changes after 12 weeks of training with the Massive Growth System. First, notice your advancements. It’s usually a good idea to learn from many muscle-building authorities, so grab a copy of Jeff Anderson’s Optimal Anabolics and devote at least 12 weeks—if not longer—to following it.

Step 8:  Examine your progress after about a year and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Enjoy two weeks off, rest, and relaxation.

Step 9: It’s time to restart, but at least you have much more muscle than you did before. If you are happy with your results, you might choose to remain with the same two muscle-building programs once again. or you can switch to one of two additional muscle-building strategies.

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