Best Whey Protein Bars For Bigger Muscles

Whey protein is probably the most popular source of protein you can buy. It can be absorbed by the body really fast so its best used straight after a workout, your body absorbs all the whey protein much quicker than any other protein, it’s really fine and soft and doesn’t tend to clump too much, normally mixes really well too.

The same goes for when you’re wanting to buy protein bars, getting a high protein bar made up of whey protein is going to absorb much quicker and at the same time it’s going to taste really good and make you feel a little fuller than a whey protein shake would do.

We will be reviewing 7 of the best whey protein bars, but before we do that, we first need to know what to look for when buying a protein bar that’s going to benefit us instead of hindering our results.

What To Look For When Buying A Whey Protein Bar?

Anytime you’re thinking of buying something like a protein bar there are a number of factors you should consider, first you need to know what your goals are, are you wanting to cut down weight or are you wanting to bulk up? Normally there’s a big difference in cutting weight and bulking up. When cutting, you’re trying to cut down on calories while maintaining your muscle mass so it would be a very gradual weight loss. When bulking, you eat much more calories trying to put weight on and build muscle.

One thing to keep in mind today are the ways they are similar. The most popular way to bulk up now is to eat a very clean diet, getting your calories from whole foods and clean supplements, so the idea is to bulk up without putting on too much fat, while cutting you’re trying to take away the fat while keeping the muscle so you see they are very similar the only difference is the amount of food and calories you need to consume.

When it comes to choosing a whey protein bar you will be looking for very similar things with the only difference being more or less calories.

If you’re cutting, you’re going to want a bar that’s high in protein, low in calories, low in saturated & trans fats and low in sugars.

If you’re bulking up you’re going to be wanting to look for a high protein bar, a decent number of carbs for energy, low in sugar, and proper fats.

These are just for the basic bars, you can get many more whey protein bars out there designed for things like cutting and bulking. There are also bars that have ingredients like green tea extract to help aid in fat loss with plenty of fiber to keep you fuller for longer as well as meal replacement bars full of nutrition but low in calories. For bulking you can get bars with added creatine and a lot more calories

Gatorade Whey Protein Recover Bars

Gatorade Whey Protein Recover Bars, Mint Chocolate Crunch, 2.8 oz, 12 Count

Gatorade – Grocery


Like the title says Gatorade made their own whey protein recovery bars. They made these to help people with recovery after a long intense workout, so you can repair quicker and get back to working out the next day, providing you with high protein to help build up and recover your muscles.

About the Product:

This is Gatorades whey protein recover bars, the first thing you notice is how the product looks, using a lot of vibrant orange which stands out to the eye, as well as a clear image of what the product looks like out of the packaging. The macro nutrients are also listed on the label to give you a clear view of what you will be getting be serving.

Each of these bars contains 20g of protein and 360 calories. Most bars range from about 180 calories per bar, but being a recovery bar, it’s going to contain a lot to help your muscles recover after an intense gym session.


High protein and high carbs for energy and recovery
Convenient and easy to use, can take anywhere
Best used straight after a workout or before bed
Tasty flavors


Carbs are quite high and it has high calories
The bars are quite big compared to normal ones
Contains high fats and not the good fats, saturated fats and trans fats
Makes your mouth really dry and has a bit of a bad texture

Bottom Line:

If want a high protein bar that actually helps you recover then Gatorade would be my choice, they taste great and if you eat them at the right time it will help you recover a lot faster, sure there are a few bad points about the product but most can be overlooked, this is a pretty decent whey protein bar, I would at least give it a try.

Pottenia Grass Fed Whey Protein Bars

Pottentia Grass Fed Whey Protein Bar, Peanut Butter Cacao Dark Chocolate, 21g Protein, Great Organic and Natural Ingredients, 8 Large 85g Bars, Prebiotic Fiber, Gluten Free, Non GMO, No Sugar Alcohol

Pottentia – Health and Beauty


About the Product:

These are Pottenia’s Grass Fed Whey Protein Bars, A more natural take on protein bars, using only organic ingredients to make these bars.

The first look of this product looks rather clean and professional, doesn’t really look like a protein bar, but more like some rich dark chocolate, but it looks good nonetheless, using a lot of black and a little bit of gold to give it a more elegant luxurious look to them.

Each bar contains 21g of grass fed whey protein, it absorbs a little slower than just whey protein but not by much and it is much better for you. It contains prebiotic fiber which helps you fill up easily so you don’t go hungry, as well as helping your body absorb all the goodness and aiding your digestive system.

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